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Bringing in the Bystander: Establishing a Community of Responsibility

Bringing in the Bystander®, developed by Prevention Innovations at University of New Hampshire, is an evidence-based sexual violence prevention program originally designed for college populations, and adapted for developmentally-appropriate use with high school students. The bystander model approaches all students as neither a potential perpetrator nor victim, but instead as people who would want to be a part of the solution. The Blue Bench Prevention Specialists engage students to understand the role that they play in preventing sexual assault by becoming an active bystander. Through this curriculum participants will:

  1. Understand the concept of prosocial bystander intervention
  2. Be able to identify a continuum of inappropriate sexual behavior
  3. Analyze how culture and media messages play a role in sexual violence
  4. Develop empathy for those who have experienced sexual violence
  5. Understand their role in bystander intervention and changing social norms
  6. Understand their own barriers to bystander intervention and techniques to overcome them
  7. Develop skills to safely intervene as a bystander
  8. Gain commitment to intervene in the case of sexual violence before, during and after an incident
  9. Understand the impacts of sexual assault on a survivor and be able to identify ways to support a friend/loved one
  10. Be able to identify local resources available to both survivors of sexual violence and those who support survivors

This prevention program contains five hours of interactive content (delivered in multiple sessions) and can be modified to 90 - 120 minutes. The Blue Bench offers additional interactive skill-development booster sessions to support students in building confidence as they practice implementing active bystander intervention.

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