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Dealing with my Feelings

Following a sexual assault, your feelings and emotions may seem all over the place. Sometimes feelings (like shame, anger, fear isolation, etc.) happen immediately, sometimes they come much later. Other times, there may be numbness and dissociation. Remember that there is no right way to feel or react after a sexual assault. The body's reaction to trauma is diverse—and all reactions are valid, normal ways to respond. What happened was not your fault and your body reacted and continues reacting in the best way it knows how. If you need help tackling an emotion that is affecting you right now or you are considering more long term exploration of these feelings, we can help.

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Crisis situations and coping in the moment

On-going treatment and trauma-informed healing

  • Cliff Stricklin
    Cliff Stricklin
  • Karen and Brian Adkins
    Karen and Brian Adkins
  • Donal and Lindsay Grogan
    Donal and Lindsay Grogan
  • Amy Gaines & Ron Litvak
    Amy Gaines & Ron Litvak
  • Wana Brands Foundation
    Wana Brands Foundation
  • Rose Medical Center
  • King & Spalding LLC.
    King & Spalding LLC.
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    Illegal Petes
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    Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
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    Kulture Music Hall
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    Old Barrel Tea Company
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    Native Roots

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