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From the earliest moments after sexual assault, through medical and legal logistics, to counseling for long-term emotional and functional health, The Blue Bench provides support every step of the way. Our Continuum of Care, led by our professional Care Team, allows victims, their families and friends to come to us and be heard, believed and supported, regardless of when the sexual assault occurred. We also help navigate the system, accompany and support survivors throughout the process.  

The Blue Bench is here for survivors of sexual assault 13 years of age and older* of all gender identities, ethnic/racial identities, sexual identities, and religious backgrounds who reside in our 9-county service area. Therapy is offered in-person and virtually. 

To inquire about receiving therapy or case management services, call our resource line at 303-329-9922 ext. 302 (para Español, 303-329-9922 ext. 338) or email

Para clientes de habla hispana, actualmente no aceptamos nuevos clientes. Podemos proporcionar referencias.

The goal of our programs and services is to help you establish a sense of empowerment, self-sufficiency and self-certainty through therapy and support.

Crisis Intervention Services

At The Blue Bench, we know that sexual assault and its impact can happen at any time, day or night. We are here to provide support, answer questions and provide information 24/7, 365 days a year. For anyone who has experienced a sexual assault, or who knows someone who has, please call our Sexual Assault Hotline at 303-322-7273 (English), 303-329-0031 (Spanish). We use RELAY Colorado for those who are deaf and/or hard of hearing.

Additionally, for anyone who has experienced a recent sexual assault (within the past 5-7 days), who needs immediate support at the hospital or assistance with reporting, our Hospital Advocates are available 24 hours a day. They can accompany you to the hospital, provide initial support, and help you understand and consider your options and available resources. Our Hospital Advocates can be contacted through our Sexual Assault Hotline at 303-322-7273 (English), 303-329-0031 (Spanish).

Case Management

Case Managers offer comprehensive aid and support regardless of whether you choose to report. They can support you with the reporting process, compensation applications, protection orders, and address confidentiality, as well as connect you to essential resources for immediate and long-term needs.

Case Managers provide compassionate support and advocate for justice, ensuring survivors' rights are upheld. Their role includes navigating complex legal processes while prioritizing the well-being and dignity of the survivor.


Whether you recently experienced a sexual assault, or are addressing an assault from your past, we have the therapeutic support you need.

Our therapists provide time-limited (depending on your needs) individual therapy, as well as various therapy and support groups. Additionally, knowing that sexual assault can have a significant impact on friends and families of survivors, we offer a workshop specifically for friends and families and several other groups and workshops

Please note that you may experience a wait for individual therapy following your initial intake. 

We do not bill insurance or collect formal documentation such as ID cards or SSNs.

Post-Conviction Victim Advocacy

The Post-Conviction Victim Advocates (PCVA) are available to act as a representative and advocate for a survivor's needs after a case has progressed through the criminal legal process and a perpetrator has been sentenced.

PCVA's are available to offer case management and act as a representative for a survivor's needs within the perpetrator’s supervision team to ensure the perpetrator's treatment during the sentence remains centered around the impact on the survivor. PCVA's can also help get answers to survivor's questions about the perpetrator's sentence, supervision and/or treatment.

* Employees at The Blue Bench are mandated reporters. This means if there is reason to believe that a child, elder or adult with developmental disabilities is being abused, and you have given us enough information to identify (full name, address, school, phone number, etc.) the potential victim or abuser, we might have to report it to authorities. We do this for the protection of children and at-risk adults but want you to be in control of what information you choose to share.

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