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SAAPM 2024: Give-Back with Recess Beer Garden

Monday, April 8, 2024Sunday, April 14, 2024

Proceeds go back to The Blue Bench and our mission to eliminate sexual assault.

About Recess Beer Garden:
Recess Beer Garden was founded for those who can tap into their inner child while tapping into a keg of beer and say: enough work…it’s time to play! With over 24 beers on tap, upscale cafeteria cuisine, and cocktails galore, you’ll be playing hooky faster than you can say four-square.

  • Cliff Stricklin
    Cliff Stricklin
  • Karen and Brian Adkins
    Karen and Brian Adkins
  • Donal and Lindsay Grogan
    Donal and Lindsay Grogan
  • Amy Gaines & Ron Litvak
    Amy Gaines & Ron Litvak
  • Wana Brands Foundation
    Wana Brands Foundation
  • Rose Medical Center
  • King & Spalding LLC.
    King & Spalding LLC.
  • Illegal Petes
    Illegal Petes
  • Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
    Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
  • Kulture Music Hall
    Kulture Music Hall
  • MPLX
  • Old Barrel Tea Company
    Old Barrel Tea Company
  • Native Roots
    Native Roots

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