24-Hour Sexual Assault Hotline

Hotline Advocates are trained in crisis management and provide support and information to survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones. Because calls are confidentially patched through to any number the advocate likes, working on the hotline is an incredibly flexible way to make a very direct impact. While previous experience with advocacy work is not required, we require hotline advocates to attend our 40-hour hotline training and to commit to picking up 4 shifts (6 hours each) per month for at least a year.

24-Hour Hospital Advocacy

Hotline Advocates who have worked on the hotline for at least three months are eligible to attend our 8-hour Hospital Advocate Training. Hospital Advocates provide similar support and information to what is done on the hotline, but in person at local area hospitals. They also help survivors explore their immediate options, advocate for their needs, and connect them to case management. Volunteers commit to at least a year of service and cover a minimum of 2 shifts (12 hours each) per month.

Community Awareness

Outreach volunteers attend community events (such as fairs, expos, and awareness days) to help educate the community around the issue of sexual violence. They also inform the community of the programs and resources available through The Blue Bench.  We will provide a 6-hour training around sexual assault and our programs, materials to hand out, and a calendar of events to sign up for. Outreach volunteers commit to attending at least 6 events over the course of a year.

Office Volunteer

Help us with a variety of tasks to maintain the smooth functioning of the organization and create a positive space for clients that come to our building. Jobs may include: putting together client packets or hospital folders, sending out letters, data entry, or helping out with events. Volunteers may help on an as-needed basis or set up a regular schedule.

Event Volunteer

We are always looking for energetic volunteers to help with several large events each year. We need volunteers in numerous capacities such as: planning, marketing, donations solicitation, goody bag stuffing, set-up, registration, tear-down, and various roles during each event.

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