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Crisis Hotline Advocates

Our 24-hour Crisis Hotline provides support and information to survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones by patching them through to volunteers trained in crisis management. Because calls are confidentially patched through to any number the advocate likes, working on the hotline is an incredibly flexible way to make a very direct impact. Previous experience with advocacy work is not required, though we require hotline advocates to attend our 40-hour hotline training and commit to picking up 4 shifts (6 hours each) per month for at least a year.

24-Hour Hospital Advocacy

Hotline Advocates who have worked on the hotline for at least three months are eligible to attend our 8-hour Hospital Advocate Training. Hospital Advocates provide in-person support to recent survivors at local area hospitals. They also help survivors explore their immediate options, advocate for their needs, and connect them to case management.

Office Volunteer

Help us with a variety of tasks to maintain the smooth functioning of the organization and create a positive space for clients that come to our building. Jobs may include: putting together client packets or hospital folders, sending out letters, data entry, or filing/unfiling. We have occasional need for people looking to do specific tasks, but can always put someone who is open to doing whatever is needed to good use. Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm. Availability during these hours is a must to help out in the office.

Volunteer Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Must be willing to undergo criminal background check and fingerprinting¬†(must possess valid US Social Security Number or International Tax Identification Number)
  • Must be compassionate, empathetic, and eager to learn
Former Clients

We are grateful for past The Blue Bench clients who would like to volunteer with us. Please note that for confidentiality purposes, we ask for at least 6 months between the completion of services with us and the start of volunteering.

Survivors and Secondary Survivors

Survivors and secondary survivors can make incredible advocates, and, as volunteering can involve speaking with other survivors and receiving disclosures of sexual assault, we encourage you to take the time to assess whether volunteering in this capacity is right for you at this time. If you are currently seeing a counselor or therapist, we encourage you to discuss this step with them. Please feel free to reach out to our Crisis Services Coordinator as well if you have any questions about how this work may impact you.


If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the application below. If you have questions, please email

Are you located in the Denver Metro area?
Due to our mandetory in-person trainings, you must be located in the Denver Metro area.
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  • Cliff Stricklin
    Cliff Stricklin
  • Karen and Brian Adkins
    Karen and Brian Adkins
  • Donal and Lindsay Grogan
    Donal and Lindsay Grogan
  • Amy Gaines & Ron Litvak
    Amy Gaines & Ron Litvak
  • Wana Brands Foundation
    Wana Brands Foundation
  • Rose Medical Center
  • King & Spalding LLC.
    King & Spalding LLC.
  • Illegal Petes
    Illegal Petes
  • Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
    Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
  • Kulture Music Hall
    Kulture Music Hall
  • MPLX
  • Old Barrel Tea Company
    Old Barrel Tea Company
  • Native Roots
    Native Roots

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