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Change on Tap Featuring a Special Guest

The Blue Bench is excited to announce our upcoming signature event: Change on Tap! This special evening will be held at The Lodge at Woods Boss on Thursday, October 28th. We invite you to come enjoy craft beer brought to us by local breweries in metro Denver, including our Safe Bars! Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or simply enjoy local craft beer, you won’t want to miss Change on Tap’s exclusive VIP Beer Tasting with Advanced Cicerone, Dev Adams! 

Meet Dev Adams!

When Dev Adams (or Miss Lupulin) received her certification, she became the second female identifying Advanced Cicerone in the world. Having made her entrance into the brewing industry in 2006, Dev immediately fell in love with the diverse array of flavors, ingredients, and types of craft beer. More importantly, she fell in love with the amazing people she met along the way. Her passion for the industry led her to earn her BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program), multiple Cicerone Certifications as well as an Adult Beverage Consultant. When Dev isn’t judging at Beer festivals, she can be found supporting some of her favorite local breweries; together, Dev and her partner have visited 953 breweries, to be exact!

Dev notes how important it is for her to use her platform to confront certain microaggressions that she and many others experience daily in the brewing industry. Dev commends many local breweries who have taken action to address this. By actively communicating that all are welcome and safe in this environment, more voices and identities will feel comfortable to share their expertise in the industry, she explains. At Change on Tap, we look forward to featuring many of the Safe Bars we’ve worked with to exemplify how we can re-imagine safety in the brewing industry. When walking into one of her favorite breweries recently, Dev noticed the “Safe Bar” sign proudly hanging on the wall. “To me, The Safe Bars sign means that [the brewery] made the effort to be a place where people feel safe and know they can be safe because their staff has the tools to ensure that,” she says. 

Dev Has a lot in store for Change on Tap!

Dev is excited to present folks with a different way of how beer and food work together. The VIP Beer Tasting will consist of 6 different beers generously provided by Woods Boss Brewing Company along with a variety of foods to explore different flavors and pairings. Beyond this fun and unique experience, Dev looks forward to a much greater outcome. “I really want to bring The Blue Bench and Safe Bars more into the brewery conversation,” she says. “Safe Bars should be on every staff training checklist. This partnership starts that conversation and shows that there are tangible ways that we can take a stand.”

Join The Blue Bench, Woods Boss Brewing Company, and Dev Adams in taking a stand against sexual violence at Change on Tap! Visit the Change on Tap website to register for your spot at the VIP tasting table with Dev Adams today; spots are limited! 

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