Safe Bars

Safe Bars, a project of Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) and Defend Yourself in Washington, D.C., offers staff working in alcohol-serving establishments training to recognize and respond to incidents of sexual harassment and assault.

Safe Bars bystander training program is now available in Denver!

We know everyone – staff and patrons – have more fun when in a safe environment. Active bystander intervention is a promising practice in the prevention of sexual harassment and assault, contributing to safer communities. The Blue Bench Prevention Specialists will offer hands-on, team oriented and tool-based training that staff in liquor-serving establishments can put into practice on their next shift! Together we can keep Denver bars safe from sexual harassment and assault.

Establishments committed to ongoing sexual violence intervention training receive the Safe Bars certificate to recognize their efforts towards a safer bar environment. To see the many benefits of becoming a Safe Bars Partner in Prevention, click here.

The Blue Bench is excited to be working in partnership with the Denver Police Department on the launch and ongoing implementation of Safe Bars.

Officers working in secondary employment capacities in bars are in a position to work collaboratively with establishment staff to identify sexually violent behavior, or risky situations that could escalate to sexual violence, and intervene early to ensure a safe environment for both staff and patrons. Officers will complete the full Safe Bars training with establishment staff to identify strategies for successful reduction of sexual harassment and violence in their bar. All other DPD officers receive a video-based training about this program.

Do you work in or manage a bar? Do you want to bring the Safe Bars training to your staff or colleagues?

Not a bar staff member but want your favorite spots around town to receive this training? Let us know in the form below! We won't identify you to the bars, but we will let them know their patrons are requesting this programming at their establishment.

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