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"Sexual violence can be prevented with data driven, collaborative action." - (NISVS, 2010)

We believe the earlier we talk to our children about sexual assault and body safety, the better chance we stand to change the conversation and create lifelong awareness and prevention.

The Blue Bench “Pathway to Prevention” programs are designed to educate, empower and engage participants across the lifespan, from young children to older adults. The content and dissemination methods of The Blue Bench prevention and education programs are driven by the most up-to-date research in the field of sexual violence prevention. Our programs – based on substantial research indicating effective prevention strategies (NSVRC, 2014) – are theory-driven, multi-session, utilize varied teaching styles, foster positive relationships, and can be tailored to ensure content is culturally responsive. We are dedicated to a wider community approach and work in collaboration with schools, parent groups, youth educators, service providers, and many other types of organizations.

To maximize impact, it is recommended that programs should try to build in opportunities for follow-up and booster sessions. The Blue Bench encourages and works with organizations to create tailored scenario-based practice/skill-building sessions for participants.

The Blue Bench curricula are:

  • Developmentally-appropriate
  • Rooted in scientifically supported approaches to prevention – recommended by the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS, 2010) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Evidence and promising practice based
  • Fulfilling The Department of Education Office for Civil Rights’ recommendation for schools to be “Conducting bystander intervention and sexual violence prevention programs with students.”
  • Approved curriculum by Denver Public Schools (DPS) Community Partnership Program
  • In complete alignment with the concepts discussed in the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) academic standards (2014) for Prevention and Risk Management (standard 4), “to apply knowledge and skills that promote healthy and violence free relationships.”
  • Designed to make it easy for teachers to utilize our programs to meet many evidence outcomes of CDE academic standards
  • Facilitated by Prevention Specialists with 50+ hours of training in facilitation skills and curriculum content
  • Cliff Stricklin
    Cliff Stricklin
  • Karen and Brian Adkins
    Karen and Brian Adkins
  • Donal and Lindsay Grogan
    Donal and Lindsay Grogan
  • Amy Gaines & Ron Litvak
    Amy Gaines & Ron Litvak
  • Wana Brands Foundation
    Wana Brands Foundation
  • Rose Medical Center
  • King & Spalding LLC.
    King & Spalding LLC.
  • Illegal Petes
    Illegal Petes
  • Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
    Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
  • Kulture Music Hall
    Kulture Music Hall
  • MPLX
  • Old Barrel Tea Company
    Old Barrel Tea Company
  • Native Roots
    Native Roots

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