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High School

Thank you for your interest in The Blue Bench's prevention programs! If you would like to schedule a program, please fill out our program request form.

A note for Spring of 2022 – our calendars are now booked through May of 2022 for all programming, and we are unable to add any additional programming on at this time. Please reach out to our Prevention Manager, Libby, to discuss programming options for Summer or Fall of 2022.

  • The Blue Bench’s high school bystander intervention program, Uniting in Action: Creating a Culture to Prevent Sexual Violence, was developed in collaboration with high school students, educators, and practitioners. In response to COVID-19 and the transition to remote learning, The Blue Bench’s Prevention and Education Team translated our in-person program to a virtual learning environment. Uniting in Action: Creating a Culture to Prevent Sexual Violence, builds on the knowledge of participants to empower them in their role in shaping community responses to sexual violence. In focusing on the role of bystanders, workshop participants build knowledge to recognize sexually inappropriate and violent behaviors, develop empathy for survivors, and hone skills to support prosocial bystander intervention. Participants will leave the workshop empowered with the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to play a role in preventing sexual violence.

  • This curriculum is designed to empower participants with knowledge, tools and strategies for talking about sexual assault with youth and intervening when they recognize warning signs. Through a discussion of the dynamics of child sexual abuse, participants will gain knowledge about proactive steps they can take to help keep children safe. This program is customized to meet the needs of each audience.

  • Safety and Empowerment Skills classes are 3-6 hours and offered to female-identified teens and adults 13 years and older. This curriculum offers a safe space for participants to learn and practice verbal and physical assertiveness and self-protection skills. The curriculum is based on a toolbox approach – adding tools to participant skills for dealing with situations ranging from sexual harassment to life-threatening situations. These classes can be held for a private group by request and/or are offered to the community (open classes) throughout the year at varying locations around metro Denver. Due to ongoing impacts of the pandemic, our Safety and Empowerment Training is currently on hiatus until Spring of 2022.

  • Many times, learning about the society wide myths and facts surrounding sexual assault can act as a front line and best defense for preventing sexual assault. To help equip adults and students alike, The Blue Bench offers programs that enable them to comfortably and efficiently talk about sexual assault with their family and friends, their neighbors and within their communities. Knowledge is Power: Sexual Assault Awareness includes an introduction to the myths and facts of sexual assault as well as information about what sexual assault is and the services available to assist survivors of an assault.

For Educators

If you are an educator looking for more information about your role in prevention and education for your students, The Blue Bench can provide customized information on the following topics:

  • Supporting survivors and responding to disclosures of sexual assault
  • Mandatory reporting

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