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Bars/Music Venues/Clubs

Thank you for your interest in The Blue Bench's prevention programs. Due to staff capacity, we will not be offering Safe Bars programs until Spring of 2023. Please reach out to our Prevention Manager Libby to be put on the waitlist

  • Safe Bars, based in Washington, D.C., offers staff working in alcohol-serving establishments training to recognize and respond to incidents of sexual harassment and assault. The Blue Bench is an approved practitioner of this program for the Denver community.

    We know everyone – staff and patrons – have more fun when in a safe environment. Active bystander intervention is a promising practice in the prevention of sexual harassment and assault, contributing to safer communities. The Blue Bench Prevention Specialists offer hands-on, team oriented and tool-based training that staff in liquor-serving establishments can put into practice on their next shift!

    Safe Bars is a 2.5 hour sexual assault prevention training designed to draw on the staff’s current knowledge and experience, while increasing their depth of knowledge about dynamics of sexual violence and perpetrator behavior. The participants have an opportunity to identify effective intervention strategies that draw on their strengths and ability to work as a team, then practice intervening in scenarios that are customized to their venue.

Partners in Prevention

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