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Pathway to Prevention program options are limited during COVID 19 to prioritize the health and safety of participants and staff.  In lieu of in our regular range of program options, we are offering virtual programming providing education on changing the culture around sexual violence and supporting survivors.  To book or inquire about programming, please complete this form.

  • Offered for college ROTC, Bringing in the Bystander®, developed by Prevention Innovations at University of New Hampshire, is an evidence-based sexual violence prevention program originally designed for college populations, and adapted for developmentally-appropriate use with high school students. The bystander model approaches all students as neither a potential perpetrator nor victim, but instead as people who would want to be a part of the solution. The Blue Bench Prevention Specialists engage students to understand the role that they play in preventing sexual assault by becoming an active bystander.

  • Many times, learning about the society wide myths and facts surrounding sexual assault can act as a front line and best defense for preventing sexual assault. To help equip adults and students alike, The Blue Bench offers programs that enable them to comfortably and efficiently talk about sexual assault with their family and friends, their neighbors and within their communities. Knowledge is Power: Sexual Assault Awareness includes an introduction to the myths and facts of sexual assault as well as information about what sexual assault is and the services available to assist survivors of an assault.

Additional Topics

We've provided tailored trainings for numerous military service providers, advocates, hotline respondents and offices. Some examples include:

  • Supporting Survivors and Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Assault
  • Understanding Impacts and Supporting Survivors in the Military

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