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Keeping Kids Safe

This curriculum is designed to empower participants with knowledge, tools and strategies for talking about sexual assault with young children and intervening when they recognize warning signs. Through a discussion of the dynamics of child sexual abuse, participants will gain knowledge about proactive steps they can take to help keep children safe. This program is customized to meet the needs of each audience. Participants will be able to:

  1.  Describe legal definitions of sexual assault, child sexual abuse and unlawful sexual contact
  2. Identify red flags of perpetrator behavior and warning signs that a child may be experiencing sexual abuse
  3. Describe age-appropriate strategies for talking to kids about sexual violence
  4. Describe steps parents/adults can take to help prevent sexual abuse
  5. Describe how to respond to a disclosure of sexual abuse
  6. Describe resources in the community for survivors and their families

Keeping Kids Safe is a 1-2 hour education program for elementary students’ parents, teachers, and other adult caregivers.

  • Cliff Stricklin
    Cliff Stricklin
  • Karen and Brian Adkins
    Karen and Brian Adkins
  • Donal and Lindsay Grogan
    Donal and Lindsay Grogan
  • Amy Gaines & Ron Litvak
    Amy Gaines & Ron Litvak
  • Wana Brands Foundation
    Wana Brands Foundation
  • Rose Medical Center
  • King & Spalding LLC.
    King & Spalding LLC.
  • Illegal Petes
    Illegal Petes
  • Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
    Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
  • Kulture Music Hall
    Kulture Music Hall
  • MPLX
  • Old Barrel Tea Company
    Old Barrel Tea Company
  • Native Roots
    Native Roots

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